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Main advantages of climbing scaffold

  • 2020-07-13 10:21:26
The modern construction industry pays more attention to construction efficiency and construction safety. In recent years, many large construction companies have begun to solve this problem by updating the construction tools of their construction teams. Among them, the scaffold products suitable for aerial work have begun to gradually withdraw, and replaced by a new construction equipment with a more advantageous climbing scaffold. So what are the main advantages of climbing products that have begun to gradually replace scaffolding?

1. Advantages that are not restricted by height
Traditional scaffolding products have no problem in dealing with the construction of low-rise buildings. However, because the construction height of many new buildings is constantly increasing, the use of scaffolding products is getting smaller and smaller. The well-known climbing scaffold products use electric power as the driving mode, which can achieve up or down on high-rise buildings. This mode of operation has completely subverted the scaffolding system, and when used in the face of high-rise buildings, it is completely unaffected. Height restrictions.

2. The advantages of eliminating the disassembly process
Due to the scaffolding products used in the construction industry in the past, the overall disassembly work is required after the construction is completed, which not only consumes a lot of manpower but also has certain hidden safety risks. The trustworthy climbing scaffold product adopts a new design with lower or higher power, so that this product does not need to be disassembled after the construction is completed. This simple and easy way of use is also the main advantage of climbing scaffold products.

3. Advantages of saving construction materials
In the past, people often saw mountains of scaffolding on construction sites. The higher the building height, the greater the number of scaffolds required. The huge number of scaffoldings not only caused the construction site to be messy, but also greatly improved the materials of the construction company. burden. The simple structure of the climbing scaffold product itself does not require a large amount of construction materials at all. This unique product advantage also makes the climbing scaffold a choice for many modern construction companies.

Climbing scaffolding is a product that brings a revolutionary breakthrough to traditional construction tools, and its many advantages make this product a newcomer in the construction industry. Climbing products are not restricted by the height of the building during construction. At the same time, this product does not require a lot of manpower for the disassembly process after use. In addition, the use of this product can greatly reduce the construction company's construction materials. The burden.

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