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The reason why the climbing formwork is recognized by the construction industry

  • 2020-07-13 09:57:57
The construction industry is an industry with a certain degree of work hazards, especially in the current trend that many buildings are beginning to develop to high-rises. More high-altitude working hours have also increased the probability of safety accidents during construction in this industry compared to the past. Therefore, in order to better protect the safety of construction workers, many construction companies have begun to use climbing formwork to replace traditional scaffolding products. This trend is also an important sign of the development of high-tech new technologies in the construction industry.
1. Reasons for high construction efficiency
Climbing formwork system are often referred to as form-jumping in foreign countries. This kind of product usually consists of three parts to form a stable structure. During high-altitude operation, this product can automatically achieve the function of climbing up without the support of external scaffolding. For the modern construction team, the use of this advanced climbing formwork is of tremendous value for improving the construction efficiency of aerial work.
2. Reasons for strong construction guarantee
Although the scaffolding products often used in the construction industry will rely on external safety nets to ensure the safety of construction personnel during construction. However, due to the low load-bearing capacity of the safety net, it is often difficult to play a substantial protective role in the event of a high-altitude fall accident. Climbing formwork products use safety fences to ensure the safety of construction personnel. In the actual high-altitude environment, the safety effect of climbing formwork products is indeed stronger.
3. Not affected by the environment
Traditional aerial work tools have high requirements for climate when they are used, and they are usually not suitable for use in environments with strong winds. However, the well-made climbing mold product itself has the climbing ability. At the same time, this large-module working tool is less affected by wind and has greater adaptability to the use environment. This feature of climbing formwork can bring certain help to the high-altitude construction in some special environments.
At present, high-efficiency and reliable climbing formwork products have been used on many construction sites abroad, and the mainland market has gradually become familiar with this aerial work tool. Practical and reliable climbing formwork products can not only effectively improve the construction efficiency when in use, but also have the construction advantages that are not affected by the external environment. These are the aerial work climbing products developed by the changes of the smooth times to get the construction An important reason widely recognized by the industry.

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