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What are the changes of the new climbing scaffold compared to the old scaffolding

  • 2020-08-17 09:02:55
As a new type of climbing scaffolding system that has been particularly popular in recent years, climbing scaffold is widely loved by the construction industry. Climbing scaffold sales have also become a relatively popular presence in the sales market, and the technical advantages of climbing scaffold sales are mainly based on its technical advantages such as good sealing and strong load bearing capacity. Now, what are the changes in the new climbing scaffold compared with the old scaffolding? Briefly elaborate:
1. Low turnover rate
The crazy increase in sales of climbing scaffold has prompted more and more construction companies to face up to the role of new climbing scaffold . This new type of climbing scaffold is based on the upgrade and transformation of the old scaffold, but the design of the bottom of the frame and the structural floor has been changed so that the two can be completely sealed, which greatly reduces the rate of overturning and also makes people change The impression that the old scaffolding is easy to turn over.

2. Eliminate the disassembly and assembly process of scaffolding
According to a large number of market verification data, the main reason why the sales of climbing scaffold can cause such a big response is its simple assembly and application functions. Although the old scaffolding is very quick to build, it often needs to be moved during construction, so it is often necessary to repeatedly dismantle and assemble the scaffold. The climbing scaffold implements the strategy of one assembly and one use, eliminating the need for repeated scaffolding. Trouble with disassembly.

3. Save manpower and materials
According to the sharing by the climbing scaffold sales manufacturer, the new climbing scaffold saves manpower and materials compared to the old one. Because the old scaffolding requires repeated disassembly and assembly, it is easy to cause material wear and tear, and it takes a lot of capacity to perform assembly, disassembly, and heightening operations; while the new type of scaffolding is not limited by the height of high-rise buildings, and it can be heightened without restriction. Significantly reduce material loss and labor loss during assembly and disassembly.

The reason why sales of climbing scaffold can resonate widely in the construction industry is because it has a more humane development advantage. This has also prompted many construction companies to actively pay attention to and search for manufacturers with a good reputation for sales and service of climbing scaffold. In addition to ensuring that the climbing scaffold has a lower turnover rate and saving a lot of manpower and materials, manufacturers who choose high prices can also Help many companies avoid the trouble of disassembly and assembly of scaffolding.

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