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What are the characteristics of the processing process of corrugated climbing nets?

  • 2020-09-18 14:38:16
According to a large number of sales data, the market demand for climbing scaffolding rental is in a rapidly rising development situation, and a large number of climbing scaffolding rental manufacturers have emerged in the market to meet the application needs of construction projects and continue to expand their productivity. Especially those climbing scaffolding rentals with good service are ranked in the top of the sales list. Now I will briefly explain the characteristics of the processing technology of the corrugated climbing scaffold net:
1.Assembly line electrostatic spraying
climbing scaffolding rental has the characteristics of complete specifications and sizes, integrity and reliability. Some corrugated climbing scaffold nets for construction engineering rental also adopt the assembly line electrostatic spraying process. This kind of electrostatic spraying process has better spraying effect than traditional spraying process, because electrostatic spraying can make corrugated climbing scaffold net spraying color more uniform and durable.

2.Double side drilling of galvanized steel sheet
According to the feedback of many climbing scaffolding rental manufacturers, nowadays more and more climbing scaffold choose galvanized steel double-sided drilling. First, galvanized steel plate has better corrosion resistance and pressure resistance, so it can better protect high-rise buildings; second, corrugated climbing scaffold net adopts double-sided drilling processing method, which is convenient for adding more fixed methods. At the same time, this processing technology is more conducive to realize the standardized installation and assembly installation of climbing scaffold network.

3.Double layer anticorrosion treatment
According to market research, it is found that the processing technology used in climbing scaffolding rental is gradually upgraded. In the past, the old corrugated climbing scaffold net is easy to corrode when it is exposed to the sun and rain for a long time. Nowadays, almost all climbing scaffolds are treated with double-layer anti-corrosion treatment before leaving the factory, which is of great benefit for prolonging the service life of corrugated climbing scaffold net.

climbing scaffolding rental has gradually replaced the self-made climbing scaffold as the main guiding sign of construction works, especially those advanced climbing scaffolding rental is shining brilliantly in these construction works. According to the sharing of many climbing scaffold rental manufacturers, the processing technology of corrugated climbing scaffold net not only includes assembly line electrostatic spraying, double side drilling of galvanized steel sheet and double layer anticorrosion treatment, but also includes beautiful spraying color.

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