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What are the economic performance of climbing scaffold nets

  • 2020-08-17 09:10:05
As a new type of protective net for construction sites, climbing scaffold nets promote the rapid increase in sales of climbing frames due to its aesthetics and convenience in management and maintenance. According to statistics, a large number of netizens are now comparing and analyzing the characteristics of climbing frame sales. The climbing frame net not only has the advantages of safety and mechanical properties, but also has the advantages of good economy, so the main reason for the good economy of the climbing frame is In what ways?
1. Save the amount of steel
According to the statistics of some climbing scaffolding sales manufacturers, it is found that the use of climbing nets saves more steel consumption than using scaffolding. Because many construction sites in the old days were restricted by conditions and could only take materials on site, using existing steel materials to build scaffolding, and because scaffolding was used in many occasions, a lot of steel was wasted, and the climbing scaffold net was made of metal plate structure. Therefore, the crawler net saves more steel in comparison between the two.

2. Saved electricity
According to the analysis of the relevant climbing scaffolding sales manufacturers, the good saving performance of the climbing climbing scaffolding net is also manifested in that it can save electricity to a large extent. Because the construction project using scaffolding has unstable bottom, other hoisting machinery must be used to achieve high-rise operation, so a large amount of electricity is required to support the operation of the hoisting machinery separately, and the climbing net itself has the ability of automatic climbing and high-rise operation, so there is no need Occupy other machinery again.

3. Save construction supplies
Many climbing scaffolding sales manufacturers have evaluated that climbing frame nets are very economical. In addition to saving steel and electricity, it can also save construction supplies. Generally speaking, the higher the floor, the greater the loss of consumables, and the more consumable resources that scaffolding occupies. Climbing nets can be applied to super high-rise buildings, and it can save multiple times of comprehensive consumables for each building.

The sales of climbing scaffolding are used in many construction bases with many advantages such as mechanization, safety and economy. More and more construction bases are fascinated by the technical advantages of climbing frame sales, so they choose to order. For example, good economy. Its good economy is mainly manifested in saving steel consumption, saving steel consumption and saving construction consumables. aspect.

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