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What are the precautions for using the climbing scaffold

  • 2020-09-14 09:12:43
By building shelves, workers can climb on the outer walls of the house and paint the walls to complete a series of tasks. Therefore, the importance of shelves is self-evident. Most of the construction time of the house is spent on building shelves. A high-quality climbing scaffold can Maintaining its firmness protects the safety of workers. So what are the specific things to pay attention to when using the climbing scaffold?
1. Pay attention to ensure that each connection point of the shelf should be fixed and firm
The shelf will be fixed by the parts of each connection point during installation, so when using the climbing scaffold, pay attention to the fixing of the connection point to ensure that it is strong and reliable and will not loosen, because the shelf itself is built through the connection point Fix it to make the height climb. If the connection point cannot be fixed, it is likely to cause a fall in the subsequent climb.

2. Pay attention to adequate protective measures to avoid danger when climbing
Because the height of the shelf will continue to spread during the construction process, in order to avoid dangerous situations caused by the excessive height, safety measures must be equipped under the climbing scaffold. After the safety measures are taken, the firmness of the shelf can be checked. To avoid danger, and to ensure that every worker climber has to purchase relevant insurance to better protect against mistakes.

3. Note that once the shelf becomes loose, you should avoid climbing again
If there is loosening of the shelf or the connection point during the inspection, be sure to stop the climbing immediately and order the inspection team to conduct inspection and maintenance. After each detail of the climbing scaffold and every part of the connection point is checked, the repair is completed In order to carry out the restoration of engineering construction, this can effectively prevent engineering accidents and reduce personnel injuries.

The climbing scaffold with guaranteed quality can effectively help workers get strong protection when climbing. The use of climbing scaffold not only requires attention to ensure that the connection point of each shelf can be safely and firmly not loose, but also should pay attention to adequate protective measures when climbing to prevent danger. At the same time, it should be noted that once the shelf becomes loose Should avoid climbing again to reduce personal injury.

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