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What factors will affect the use effect of the climbing scaffolding?

  • 2020-08-11 09:07:43
According to a large amount of sales data, the sales volume of climbing scaffolding has been increasing year by year in recent years, especially those with promising climbing scaffolding sales are rapidly occupying a strong position in the market. The evaluation of various types of climbing scaffolding in the market is also constantly praised. Now I will briefly explain which factors may affect the use of climbing scaffolding:
1. The opening rate
According to the sharing of many climbing scaffolding sales manufacturers, the number of openings may affect the use effect of the climbing scaffolding. Nowadays, more and more construction sites use crawling nets to complete various aerial operations, but if the number of openings in the crawling nets is too small, it will easily lead to insufficient overall support or insufficient firmness of the crawling net; otherwise, if it is a climbing scaffolding The fine density of openings is higher, so its wind resistance will increase rapidly with the increase of porosity.
2. The anchor of the crawler mesh is abnormal
The high-quality climbing scaffolding net piece has promoted the climbing scaffolding sales steadily. The use effect of the climbing scaffolding is closely related to the anchorage of the mesh. If the anchorage of the climbing scaffolding is abnormal, such as severe deformation or wear and tear of the anchor, it is recommended to replace or repair it in time to avoid the entire climbing The net is unstable due to abnormal anchoring.
3. The processing effect of each part of the climbing scaffolding
The reason for the boom in sales of climbing scaffolding is not only that it has a high durability, but also that the climbing scaffolding have good treatment effects. For example, the overall spraying treatment, galvanizing treatment and dipping treatment, etc., in fact, the quality of these treatments will directly affect the use effect of the entire climbing scaffolding . For example, if the spraying or galvanizing treatment is abnormal, it may cause the climbing scaffolding Easily corroded and rusted, resulting in reduced wind resistance.

The sales record of climbing scaffolding sales has soared so that more and more construction companies recognize its role. Some of the high-quality climbing scaffolding sales are even more popular throughout the construction sales market. According to relevant investigations, factors such as the hole opening rate, the abnormality of the climbing scaffolding anchors and the processing effects of each part of the climbing scaffold may be affected. The use effect of climbing scaffolding.

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