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Which type of climbing scaffold is more suitable for leasing?

  • 2020-09-18 14:20:06
1.Square tube climbing scaffold net
The square tube climbing scaffold net is one of the most popular styles in the climbing scaffold rental market and has a high rental rate. As we all know, the frame of climbing scaffold is closely related to its safety and stability. The square tube climbing scaffold net design with high popularity is not only convenient to increase the firmness of climbing scaffold structure, but also its shape is more in line with people's current aesthetic needs.

2. Corrugated climbing scaffold net
According to relevant introduction, corrugated climbing scaffold net has a very high response rate in climbing scaffold leasing. This kind of corrugated climbing scaffold net has no fixed frame, and its cost and rental price are very low. It is especially suitable for the safe construction of low-rise buildings. Generally speaking, it only needs to be fixed on the existing scaffold beam and connected with special connectors.

3.Angle iron climbing scaffold net
According to a large number of survey feedback shows that some construction enterprises favor angle iron frame climbing net. The periphery of the angle iron frame climbing scaffold net is protected by the special net piece of climbing scaffold, which can climb or descend layer by layer with the engineering structure. In addition, the external scaffold has the function of anti overturning and anti falling, and the installation of angle iron climbing scaffold net on the periphery of the lifting scaffold can enhance the safety protection function.

With the continuous improvement of climbing scaffold structure performance, it also stimulates the climbing scaffold rental market to develop better and better. In particular, those who operate in good faith climbing scaffold leasing are highly recognized and praised in the industry. According to the market research results, in addition to the square tube climbing scaffold net, corrugated climbing scaffold net and angle iron climbing scaffold net, it is also suitable to use the climbing scaffold with ears and the climbing scaffold with column pipe.

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