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Mutual assistance learning promotes improvement, Xiamen Anke Launches Climbing Technology Experience Exchange Activities

  • May 09, 2020

On the morning of May 9th, Xiamen Anke Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiamen Anke") and Xiamen Shundaan Special Equipment Inspection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiamen Shundaan") conducted a joint operation at the Xiamen Anke Anxi production base. Intelligent attached work safety protection platform (referred to as "climbing frame") technical experience exchange activities, Xiamen Anke Chairman Zhong Songxing, Vice Chairman Zhang Yangchuan, Technical Director Luo Wei, R&D Director Lin Yupeng, Product Center General Manager Jiang Jingdong, Project Director Ren Tingting, Xiamen Shundan General Manager Cao Lan, Deputy General Manager Yao Sheng, Chief Engineer Wu Zhichun, Inspection Office Manager He Huan and Huang Bangdai, and inspector Wu Zengguang, and more than 30 people participated in this event. R&D, production, project construction plan design, and on-site construction technology exchange experience.

                                              ▲Xiamen Anke Vice Chairman Zhang Yangchuan is introducing to the guests

During the exchange, guests from Xiamen Shundaan were invited to visit Xiamen Anke’s new product manufacturing workshop, old equipment and exit equipment repair and maintenance workshops, and experimental towers, and focused on the "equipment process and technology, product quality

In-depth discussions were conducted on issues such as control and acceptance, scrapping of defective and defective products, and “load synchronization device during climbing frame lifting process, working methods of anti-falling devices and the stability of the frame structure”, and the atmosphere was enthusiastic.

                                      ▲The two parties held a summary discussion in the meeting room

At the end of the event, Xiamen Anke and Xiamen Shundan guests had a discussion in the conference room. The discussion mainly focused on the exchange of experiences. Luo Wei, the technical director of Xiamen Anke, and Wu Zhichun, the chief engineer of Xiamen Shundan, focused on climbing frame products. Innovative research and development, and the improvement of climbing frame site construction technology have expressed their different opinions and put forward many suggestions.

                                                                                                ▲Group photo after the exchange event

Through this technical experience exchange, the participants have a clearer understanding of the production and practical operation of the climbing frame, how to improve the production efficiency of the climbing frame, optimize the construction plan of the climbing frame, regulate the management of the construction site and how to break through the climbing frame technology The bottleneck has also been explored in depth, which shows that this event is of great significance to both parties to strengthen professional construction and improve the quality of technical services. Xiamen Anke advocates that in the future cooperation process, the scope of exchanges should be expanded, and the experience of this exchange should be applied to operations, management, services, etc., by building a mutual learning platform for employees to maintain motivation and continuous progress for the company Provide motivation.

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