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The first intelligent construction platform test tower was put into use in Fujian province

  • August 03, 2019

Recently, Xiamen Anke Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen Anke) has completed the construction of the intelligent construction platform test tower, and has completed the first climbing test. It is the only test tower in Fujian and the most professional test tower in China, which integrates intelligent construction protection platform and automatic hydraulic climbing mold system, and will be used for the R&D and full-line testing of products and technologies of Xiamen Anke.

The test tower is located in Quanzhou (Anxi) Economic Cooperation Zone Huli Park Xiamen Anke production base, covering an area of 170 square meters, 15 meters high (5 layers, plans to 20 meters high). Its basic structure is Concave steel structure design, which can be attached to each kind of Climbing Scaffolds and Hydraulic Climbing Scaffold System for anti-falling and overturn-preventing tests. The structure of the sunken part will be imitated like Patio for the protection test.

By the full range tests of product, test tower can ensure Xiamen Anke’s design precision and stability of the whole structure of scaffold (such as the strength and stiffness of main frame, whether each joint and the wall corner are firm and reliable support, maximum carrying capacity of the wall bearing and the anti-falling device), the interactive accuracy of intelligent control system and lifting equipment, automatic warning functions (sound and light alarm and display alarm), sensitivity test and the safety of the electrical system, etc., thus further safeguard quality of Xiamen Anke’s products.

It is reported that test tower is expected to have a total investment of 2 million RMB. It is planned to have five floors. The first floor will be the exhibition hall. The second floor will be the workshop. The third floor will be the testing workshop for mechanical parts. The fourth floor will be the electric control laboratory. And the fifth floor will be spare exhibition area.
The completion of the intelligent construction platform test tower confirms Xiamen Anke's determination to focus on the intelligent construction field, and also means that Xiamen Anke has a higher level in the product development and performance test of new technology in the construction field, which is of great significance to the safety standards of the whole industry and the development process of the manufacturing industry.

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