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Xiamen Anke 2020 employee meeting was successfully held

  • July 20, 2020
On June 2, Xiamen AK AUTOMATA Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiamen Anke") 2020 employee meeting was held at Anke Anxi Production Base in Xiamen. The chairman of Xiamen Anke Zhong Songxing, the vice chairman Zhang Yangchuan, the director Peng Yanhuo, Director Shi Zhifeng, Dong Mi Zhong Zebing and all employees participated in this meeting.

In the first agenda of the conference, the heads of 21 departments separately analyzed and summarized the work content and performance of the department, the problems encountered, and the improvement measures.

▲The first agenda of the conference is in progress

Among them, the product departments such as the R&D department, the technology department, and the production management department introduced the current work of the department, pointed out that the work process in the past production and delivery links was unclear, and the actual coordination was difficult. "System Management", "Form Work Order Process" and other solutions.

The project departments such as the business department and the engineering management department raised the problems of greater mobility of front-line employees, the cost of staff training is high, and their own quality and ideological awareness still need to be improved. They also proposed regular organization of employees for training and communication to strengthen the training of new recruits. And control, to enhance employees’ sense of belonging to the department

The marketing departments such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Business Department, and the Marketing Department raised issues such as incomplete documentation for project negotiation, untimely contract follow-up, and difficulty in attracting new customers. They adopted an updated project reporting system, improved contract management and control methods, and expanded promotion. Channels and other solutions.

The second agenda of the conference was that two leaders, Xiamen Anke Zhang Yangchuan and Zhong Songxing, delivered speeches.

▲Vice Chairman Zhang Yangchuan delivered a speech

Vice Chairman Zhang Yangchuan highly affirmed the work performance of the heads of various departments, and said that the heads of various departments should play the role of "locomotive", and should be able to take the initiative to lead the department to solve the problem at the critical moment.

▲Chairman Zhong Songxing gave a speech

Finally, Chairman Zhong Songxing emphasized that in the next work, Xiamen Anke should focus on strengthening team building. By training key employees, improving performance evaluation and salary management systems, and adjusting work style, the company’s management level will be further improved and its competitiveness will be improved. To achieve a win-win situation for customers, capital and employees.

Finally, the first employee meeting of Xiamen Anke was successfully concluded in a warm atmosphere. Leaders and all employees attended the dinner.

This meeting is a measure taken by Xiamen Anke to optimize its management strategy in combination with the market environment and its own development. Through this meeting, on the one hand, it allows employees to have a deeper understanding of their work, clarify their work goals and working methods, establish a pragmatic and serious work style, and actively break through the communication barriers in the daily collaboration of the department to achieve effective communication and improve work. Efficiency; on the other hand, it can also enhance employees' sense of identity with the corporate values, a sense of belonging to the corporate team and a sense of responsibility for corporate development, enhance corporate cohesion, enable all employees to form a joint force, and promote the further development of the enterprise.

During this conference, Xiamen Anke was still doing anti-epidemic work, and adopted anti-epidemic measures such as the "morning and evening car sharing system" and the "meal sharing system".
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