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Xiamen Anke Holds The 2020 Spring Tea Party For Subsidiaries And Associated Companies

  • April 08, 2020
On the afternoon of April 8, Xiamen Anke Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiamen Anke") set up an
The meeting room on the fifth floor of the department held the 2020 spring tea party. Xiamen Anke Chairman Zhong Songxing and Vice Chairman Zhang Yangchuan accompanied the heads of Xiamen Anke’s centers and departments with Shenzhen United Security Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Puxin Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. The heads of various subsidiaries and associated companies discussed the problems and solutions in the six major processes of technology, product, business, commerce, labor, and engineering management.

The tea party was attended by more than 30 people, aiming to enhance exchanges between Xiamen Anke and its subsidiaries and affiliates, implement service rules, deepen cooperation mechanisms, establish a good foundation for cooperation, and realize Xiamen Anke and its subsidiaries , Sharing and win-win of all associated companies.

The first agenda item of the tea party was Luo Wei, the head of Xiamen Anke’s technology research and development department, and the heads of subsidiaries and associated companies introduced the new national standard content of the attached lifting work safety protection platform (hereinafter referred to as the “climbing frame”) for construction and Xiamen The advantages of Anke’s new technology highlight the advantages of Xiamen Anke’s product updates and the compatibility of new and old products. With this, Zhong Songxing, Chairman of Xiamen Anke, emphasized: “The update and compatibility of the products make the products fully comply with the new national standard on the one hand, and can have more advantages in the competition of market norms. On the other hand, it can ensure the continuous circulation of products in the market. Ensure equipment turnover and avoid unnecessary risks of idleness."

                                                                           ▲The tea party scene

In addition, Jiang Jingdong, General Manager of Xiamen Anke Product Center, discussed with participants on cooperation issues such as product production, delivery, and equipment maintenance. Wang Jinshu, Director of Xiamen Anke’s Ministry of Commerce, explained the common business problems in the joint venture process. , Ren Tingting, director of Xiamen Anke Project Management Center, explained the work responsibilities and cooperation issues of the labor service company and the engineering management department. Zheng Hengcheng, the director of Xiamen Anke's business department, discussed with the participants on the business cooperation model between Xiamen Anke and various affiliates.

Finally, the tea party ended in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. Xiamen Anke invited the heads of subsidiaries and affiliates to the dinner.

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