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Xiamen Anke Launches 'Safety Production Month' fire drill

  • June 02, 2020
On June 3,In order to actively respond to the call of the national "Safety Production Month" Xiamen AK AUTOMATA Co., LTD.A fire drill was carried out at the Quanzhou production base. A total of more than 50 employees from the Quanzhou production base participated in the drill. The purpose of the drill was to explain fire protection knowledge and drill fire equipment on site, strengthen employees’ awareness of fire safety, and strengthen enterprise safety in production management.

▲A fire drill is being conducted at Xiamen Anke Quanzhou production base
In response to this exercise, the Xiamen Anke Quanzhou production base established a safety committee to conduct activities, and the committee inspected the fire-fighting facilities before the exercise. During the activity, the employees first listened to the explanation of basic fire protection knowledge, escape self-rescue skills, etc., watched the demonstration of fire hydrant and fire extinguisher steps, and then actually experienced the use and operation procedures of fire fighting equipment and emergency treatment at the accident site. Finally, the safety committee also organized the employees to summarize the exercise, pointed out the lack of coordination and organization in the exercise, and put forward solutions such as "increasing the frequency of exercises" and "implementing the safety system".

To The "Safety Production Month" fire drill activity not only strengthened employees’ awareness of production safety, but also improved their ability to deal with emergencies and self-rescue. Xiamen Anke will use this event as an opportunity to work hard to grasp Do a good job in safety production, further implement various safety production guarantee measures, better carry out the refined management of safety production, further promote the construction of enterprise safety culture, and help the standardization of enterprise safety management and the improvement of management level.

It is reported that the "Safety Month" system was established with the approval of the State Council in April 1980, mainly through the development of various and effective safety production publicity and education and mass activities to enhance public safety awareness, disseminate safety knowledge, and improve safety. skill. June of this year is the 19th National "Safety Production Month". The Office of the State Council Security Committee and the Emergency Management Department launched the "Safety Production Month" and "Safety Production Month" with the theme of "eliminating hidden accidents and strengthening safety lines". "Walking Miles" series of activities.

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