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Xiamen Anke Marketing Center Launches Team Building Activities

  • July 04, 2020

On July 4 Xiamen AK AUTOMATA Co., LTD. In order to strengthen team cohesion and promote communication among employees, the marketing center launched a two-day team building activity in the outdoor activity community of Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area in Xiamen. More than 30 employees of the marketing center participated in this event.

01 Free to play, relaxed and comfortable
On the morning of the first day of the team building, everyone played freely and experienced badminton, rock climbing, werewolf killing and other fun activities in the community, relaxing the body and feeling happy.

                                                 ▲Free to play outdoor projects

                                                  ▲Experience indoor board game

02 Team competition, gather together
In the afternoon, everyone was divided into four groups through a random draw. First, they experienced the two warm-up games of "The Director's Talk" and "Quick Cup", which exercised their concentration and responsiveness.

                                               ▲Experience the warm-up game

Subsequently, the members of each group worked together for the honor of the group, united and worked hard, and completed multiple team competitions such as "You draw and I guess", "Blindfolded each other", and "Extreme dodgeball". Tacit understanding and trust have exercised the ability of teamwork.

                                                               ▲Fun team competition

03Buffet barbecue, warm and loving
In the evening, everyone enjoyed a delicious self-service barbecue, helped each other, shared food, chatted and exchanged, and the scene was full of the warmth of the team and family.

                                                      ▲Experience buffet barbecue

04 Aerobic hiking, showing tenacity

                                            ▲Climbing Tianzhu Mountain on foot

The next morning, everyone climbed Tianzhu Mountain on foot and visited Haoyue Lake, Four Seasons Flower Valley, Yuanyang Creek and other scenic spots along the way. Even though the sun is scorching and the mountain road is long and winding, everyone is still enthusiastic, encouraging each other and sharing their mountaineering experience. This mountaineering trip not only allowed everyone to experience the beautiful scenery of Tianzhu Mountain, but also exercised everyone's spirit of unity and perseverance.
Through the two-day team building activities, employees relax their minds and bodies, reduce work pressure, enhance understanding and communication among employees, further enhance employees’ sense of teamwork and sense of belonging, and create a harmonious and harmonious relationship. The team atmosphere enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the team and injects strong impetus into the company's development.

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